Jennifer Eno Louden

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El Paso Texas, 79968
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Jennifer L Eno Louden
Associate Professor, Psychology

Dr. Eno Louden's research interests lie in the area of correctional psychology, a field devoted to understanding the motivations for criminal behavior and designing programs to help people desist from crime. Much of her research focuses on issues related to criminal justice and mental health. She studies these issues using clinical and social psychological methodologies, and examines these issues from multiple levels of analysis. Much of this work has focused on the experiences of justice involved people with mental illness and how the criminal justice system supervises this group. To date, her research in this area has examined contextual influences on criminal justice outcomes, community corrections agencies’ policies and practices, and how stigma affects outcomes for justice involved people with mental illness. Recently, she has begun to study other vulnerable groups in the justice system, such as women and immigrants.


  1. Criminal justice
  2. Mental illness
  3. Trauma
  4. Community corrections
  5. Mental health stigma