Kim Bauer

Fox Fine Arts Center
El Paso Texas, 79968
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Kim Brian Bauer
Associate Professor, Art

Kim Bauer is an artist and educator who specializes in contemporary printmaking processes and the production and exhibition of prints. Recent research has included the casting of urethane rubber in conjunction with monotype and inkjet along with recent investigations in photo intaglio, photolithography, laser cut matrices for relief, intaglio and lithography. Skilled in both traditional and waterless lithography as well as photo processes with traditional darkroom and Photoshop. Non traditional photo skills include cyanotype and some limited experience with tintype. Serigraphy skills include photo emulsion and traditional stencil with multi color registration for both spot and CMYK color.


  1. Contemporary Printmaking
  2. Intaglio
  3. Lithography
  4. Serigraphy
  5. Relief Printing
  6. Photopolymer Relief
  7. Photopolymer Embossing
  8. Photopolymer Intaglio
  9. Letterpress
  10. Chine Colle
  11. Etching
  12. Woodcut
  13. Aquatint
  14. Mezzotint
  15. Drypoint
  16. Softground
  17. Aluminum Plate Lithography
  18. Paper Plate Lithography
  19. Polyester Plate Lithography
  20. Stone Lithography
  21. Copper Plate Intaglio
  22. Collagraph
  23. Cyanotype
  24. Photoscreen
  25. Silver Print Photography
  26. Digital Photography
  27. Alternative Photographic Processes
  28. Photoshop
  29. Monotype
  30. Monoprint
  31. Embossing
  32. Framing
  33. Laser Cut Matrices.