Kevin Browne

Campbell Building
El Paso Texas, 79968
Phone Logo(915) 747-6122
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Kevin L Browne
Clinical Assistant Professor, Physical Therapy

Dr. Browne’s research seeks to advance the understanding of musculoskeletal management from initial health system contact to functionally optimized discharge. He has long sought to impact the clinical pathways of musculoskeletal disease. Because the physician is the initial point of contact, he seeks to facilitate greater understanding of how patients are triaged. The first clinician (whether physician, nurse practitioner or physician assistant) that a patient sees is the most important. This care provider influences patient expectation and sets in motion events that can directly affect outcome. For the primary care practitioner, musculoskeletal diagnosis usually doesn’t matter. Rather, functional status, time, and level of somatic pain determines a course of action. Therefore, it is Dr. Browne’s contention that teaching detailed anatomy and testing of joints and muscles distracts that clinician from the big picture. Are they going to get better without expert help or not? Do they need a surgical consultation or not? Considering the high rates of false positive on imaging, will an MRI add value to the decision making process or not?Each of these decisions has an impact on society and the patient. Dr. Browne is resolved to drive improved decision-making and reliance on reasoning over knowledge.Dr. Browne is also interested in pain science and how objective measurement and testing might predict recovery from musculoskeletal pain states.


  1. Rehabilitation Science
  2. Cross-Disciplinary Education
  3. Musculoskeletal Triage
  4. Science of Tendinopathy
  5. Peripheral and Central Sensitization
  6. Relational Coordination and Health Profession Collaboration