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Maria C. Mariani
Professor, Mathematical Sciences - Computational Science

My work concentrates on Stochastic Analysis and Machine Learning techniques with applications to Big Data and Complex data sets arising in Public Health, Geophysics, Physics and Finance I have special interest in applications to other disciplines. I have tried to make interdisciplinary connections since I believe that such work is fundamental to the progress of science. Using Machine Learning techniques, we are developing novel algorithms to investigate the diagnosis and prognosis of medical data specifically, Breast cancer, Heart disease and Prostate cancer. We also developed stochastic type models, to estimate and predict when a critical event may occur. Our stochastic models help analyze the effect that events from long ago have on present and future events. In the interface of Mathematics, Physics and Geophysics, I am working in models for seismic and explosive data, and studying the existence of solutions to the transient quantum hydrodynamic equations, specifically questions concerning long-time behavior. I have also been involved in the study of models for semiconductor devices and wave equations as the Painleve equations. In the interface of Mathematics and financial markets, I am working in new models for critical events that can also be applied in other disciplines, like Ising and Levy type models to estimate when a critical event may occur, and Hurst type methods to detect and measure memory effects. One of my specific research objectives is the development of mathematical models to enhance understanding of medical data, and extreme events in different phenomena.


  1. Applied Mathematics
  2. Nonlinear partial differential equations
  3. Stochastic differential equations
  4. Machine Learning techniques
  5. Mathematical Finance
  6. Mathematical Physics
  7. Numerical Methods
  8. Geophysics