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Cristina Cristina Morales
Professor, Sociology and Anthropology

Maria Cristina Morales is the Associate Dean of Research for the College of Liberal Arts and an Associate Professor of Sociology at the University of Texas at El Paso. Dr. Morales’ general academic research focus is on the Sociology of Latinxs. She critically examines how Latinx ethnicity interlocks with multiple social institutions in the U.S. particularly along the Mexico-U.S. border. Her methodologies use both quantitative and qualitative approaches, and she strives for her research to be reflexive and theory driven. She co-authored the book Latinos in the United States: Diversity and Change with Dr. Rogelio Saenz. Her current research is based on data collected, in collaboration with Dr. Ted Curry and Dr. Harmon Hosch, that resulted in the interviewing of 1,070 randomly selected households in 46 randomly selected neighborhoods in El Paso County. With this data she developed the concept of “citizenship profiling” to expand the theoretical lens of racial profiling and provide a multilevel analysis to identify characteristics of Latinxs that are stopped and questioned about citizenship status by law enforcement.


  1. Immigration
  2. Latinxs
  3. Structural inequality
  4. Quantitative
  5. U.S.-Mexico border
  6. Gender/sexuality