Mahmud Hossain

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El Paso Texas, 79968
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Mahmud Shahriar Hossain
Associate Professor, Computer Science - Computational Science

Dr. Hossain's interests are in data mining and machine learning, with a focus on big data, artificial intelligence, text analytics, transfer learning, computational biology, visual analytics, and distributed and parallel computing. Along with the development of theoretical algorithmic frameworks, Dr. Hossain is interested in building prototypes to solve data mining problems in different disciplines. His experience in big data analytics and algorithmic frameworks spans application areas in biomedical science, biology, intelligence analysis, social network analysis, mechanical engineering, sustainability, and software engineering. While advanced technology plays a major role in gathering as much data possible to construct richer databases for analysis in modern scientific, business and government sectors, the collected data itself becomes overwhelming for the domain expert due to the massive amount of information space to process. In addition to enormous data, heterogeneity hinders the expert's ability to discover useful information from the data sources. Dr. Hossain, in his research, focuses on automated algorithmic frameworks to aide experts analyze heterogeneous and multimodal data. One of his recent projects involve analysis of gene databases, millions of full research articles collected from multiple sources, and cancer ontologies to extend and explain existing cancer signaling pathways.


  1. Data Mining (Big Data)
  2. Machine Learning
  3. Information Retrieval