Miguel Velez-Reyes

Engineering Building
El Paso Texas, 79968
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Miguel Velez-Reyes
Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering - Computational Science
Department Chair, Electrical and Computer Engineering

Dr. Velez-Reyes research interests are in integrating physical, statistical, and machine-learning approaches to develop methodologies for information extraction from dynamic systems using minimally or non-intrusive sensing. Dr. Velez-Reyes work has focused in recent times in remote sensing methodologies using hyperspectral remote sensing in earth sciences, national defense and security. He has also been involved in modeling, identification and control of electric energy processing systems. He has expertise in analysis and design of control systems. The approach to develop his research program has been guided by the principle of "diverse problems, similar solutions," which has helped him to understand and exploit the commonalities (physical and mathematical, computational and algorithmic) that underlie diverse problems in information extraction from non/minimally intrusive sensing and explore this knowledge synergy in the solution of existing and novel problems across different fields. This approach has stimulated significant cross-disciplinary dialog that have led to collaboration with researchers in multiple disciplines across science and engineering.


  1. Data Science; Signal Processing and Machine learning; Remote Sensing; Hyperspectral Imaging; Cyber-physical systems; Electric Power and Energy Systems; Control Systems