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Norman Don Love
Associate Professor, Mechanical Engineering
Associate Dean, Undergraduate Studies - Engineering

Dr. Norman Love is currently the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Undergraduate Studies at the University of Texas El Paso. In this role Dr. Love is responsible for oversight and coordination of all the programs and activities that support student recruitment, retention and advancement in the College of Engineering. The college currently has nearly 4,000 undergraduates. He currently oversees operations in the Engineering Edge Center (EEC), which primarily manages lower division student advising. Another function of the EEC is to promote student participation in high-impact practices, which include but are not limited to K12 and community outreach, participation in student organizations, study abroad opportunities, promotion of research and capstone experiences, and various scholarships and fellowships. Dr. Love also works collaboratively with other colleges to facilitate new academic degree programs and to ensure that the support services, academic courses and degree programs that their college offers meet the needs of faculty members and students. He reports to the dean of the college.Dr. Norman Love is also an Associate Professor in the College of Engineering. His primary research interests lie in the area of energy, propulsion, and engineering education. More specifically this includes:Research Area 1: Novel Energy Concepts- Oxy - combustion- MHD/Direct Power Extraction- High temperature sensors- Supercritical CO2 CyclesResearch Area 2: Propulsion- Hybrid rockets- Green PropellantsResearch Area 3: Education- Technology in the classroom- Blended learning- Project based learningFinally, Dr. Love implements various aspects of blended learning in his classrooms and has a YouTube channel where his distributes many course materials. Dr. Love works to continuously improve student engagement, leadership, professional preparation and enhance UTEP’s reputation as a leader in public higher education.


  1. Oxy-Combustion
  2. Magnetohydrodynamics
  3. Direct Power Extraction
  4. High temperature sensors
  5. Supercritical SCO2 Cycles
  6. Hybrid Rockets
  7. Green Propellants
  8. Technology in the classroom
  9. Blended Learning
  10. Project Based Learning