Nathan Ashby

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El Paso Texas, 79968
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Nathan J Ashby
Associate Professor, Economics and Finance

Dr. Ashby's early research focused on the impact of economic institutions on human development. Specifically, he analyzed the impact of economic freedom migration and inequality. These studies have received hundreds of citations for these contributions and given many invited presentations for this area of expertise. He continues to study the importance of economic institutions in human development.His collaboration with researchers in international business has also been productive. This research analyzes how the impact of crime on foreign investment into Mexico varies depending on investing country characteristics and the types of the industry in the host state. This research has also received many citations.His most recent research has extended to studying the impact of peer effects on performance. I am currently analyzing the impact of competitive environment on high school swimmer performance using data in the state of Texas. This research has the potential to contribute significantly to general knowledge on peer effects and how to design educational and work environments to improve performance. While developing this study for publication, he is working with other researchers, both inside and outside of his field, to construct experiments to test his theories in more controlled environments.


  1. Peer Effects
  2. Crime
  3. Economic Freedom
  4. Migration
  5. Foreign Investment