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Pamela G Herron
Lecturer, Religious Studies - Languages and Linguistics - Women's and Gender Studies

Pamela Herron is a writer/educator teaching for English and other multi-disciplinary programs. Research includes Confucianism/Daoism and their application in the modern world, China and Chinese immigration particularly in the El Paso/Cuidad Juárez area, cultural identity, sustainability, and literature for young readers. She founded an El Paso writing group and has been invited to present at various universities in the People's Republic of China including Renmin University, Nanjing University, Jiangsu College of Information Technology and Henan University of Science and Technology.Herron believes that reading and writing are the foundation to good education and is committed to a multicultural approach in all aspects of learning. Her classes foster an environment where students take responsibility for their own learning. Courses are interactive and project based with students exploring ideas. Her poems, poetry reviews and flash fiction have appeared in various publications. Books include: En l'air: A collection of poetry created in the air and Border Passage: Growing up in Chinatown of El Paso, Texas at the turn of the Twentieth Century (first historic fiction). She has collaborated on a picture book with her artist husband, Albert Y. Wong. She serves on the UTEP Asian Studies Committee, the UTEP Undergraduate International Studies and Foreign Language Committee, and the UTEP Liberal Arts Honors Program. She serves on committees for Modern Language Association and the Asian Studies Development Program; and as Faculty Researcher for the Confucius Institute at New Mexico State University.Past Presentations: Infusing Asian Studies through Asian FilmTexts and Translations: Understanding and ReciprocityConfucian Principles in Children's through Adult LiteratureTraveling the Silk Road: Preserving the Past and Preparing for the FutureNishan Confucius Summer Institute Roundtable (with Roger T. Ames). Confucian Ethics and Gender in Today's World. (Traditional Values and Virtues in Social Life Today International Conference, Renmin University, Beijing)


  1. Writer
  2. Asian Studies
  3. China and Chinese Culture
  4. Confucianism and Daoism
  5. Environmentalism and Sustainability