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Ronald Weber
Associate Professor, History - Humanities - Master of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies (MAIS) - Philosophy
Director, Masters of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies
Department Chair, Department of Philosophy
Director, Humanities Program

Ronald J. Weber is Associate Professor of Ancient History and Humanities and the current Director of the Humanities Program and Masters of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies Program. His research interests focus on the history of ancient Rome, and he teaches courses on ancient Rome, Greece and the Middle East. He leads a two-week study abroad trip to Rome and central Italy each year. His current research focuses on the history and evolution of the city of Rome and its place as a center of world culture. He serves as Executive Editor of Interdisciplinary Humanities, the journal of the Humanities Education and Research Association. Dr. Weber has written about the Roman family Caeionius in "Albinus: The Living Memory of a Fifth Century Personality" and published work on the Roman historian, Livy, in Collection Latomus Studies in Latin Literature and Roman History. Among his publications are “Young Marco Polo: The Long Term Effects of Study Abroad”.


  1. Modern Rome
  2. Ancient Mediterranean Lands
  3. Ancient Greece
  4. Ancient Rome

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