Sumin Lim

Education Building
El Paso Texas, 79968
Phone Logo(915) 747-7581
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Sumin Lim
Assistant Professor, Educational Psychology and Special Services

Dr. Lim’s research focuses on how monolingual ideologies and biases in U.S. schools affect educational opportunities, performances, or outcomes of bilingual students with or at risk for high incidence disabilities. She is especially interested in monolingual English-speaking school professionals’ decision-making related to emergent bilingual students that includes the (mis)identification of Specific Learning Disabilities (SLD). In her research, Dr. Lim situates these students’ sociolinguistic profiles and functionings within a social construction of dis/ability that emerges from the intersection of their minoritized identities of race and ethnicity, socioeconomic and immigration status, and heritage culture and language. Promoting equitable partnerships with culturally and linguistically diverse families in special education is another central part of my research. In particular, Dr. Lim has studied how special education service systems address the communication support needs of ethnolinguistic minority families, who are non-U.S. heritage born immigrants, in monolingual English driven school-family collaboration contexts. This line of research is aimed at fostering school professionals’ civic engagement and cultivating democratic professional partnerships with immigrant families that go beyond ethical legalism.


  1. Educational equity
  2. Educational decision-making
  3. High incidence disability
  4. Supporting culturally and linguistically diverse students in classroom
  5. School-family partnership