Shaun Mahoney

Fox Fine Arts Center
El Paso Texas, 79968
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Shaun T Mahoney
Lecturer, Music

Shaun Mahoney's personal area of expertise is jazz and commercial guitar. This can be broken into two parts; jazz, which includes theory and improvisation; and the guitar, which includes fret-board knowledge, and technique. Having studied jazz in high school, undergraduate school at UNCW and graduate school at UArts, Shaun is an expert in the subject of jazz; specifically the areas of jazz theory and improvisation. After switching from piano to guitar at age twelve, Shaun quickly became interested in blues and jazz. The complex theoretical structures found in jazz set him on the life long commitment to research, study, and practice of jazz. Theory, which encompasses harmonic and rhythmic elements, is the foundation of jazz improvisation. Shaun's control of these theoretical elements facilitates his artistic exploration, creativity, and continuous musical development. Shaun Mahoney considers the passion for jazz his first priority. Guitar is simply the tool of expression for this passion. Jazz is extremely demanding on the performer and requires a high level of technical proficiency on whatever instrument the musician has chosen. The guitar has presented its own unique challenges for jazz musicians over the decades. Shaun has worked to reach a high level of proficiency on the guitar. Scales and chord forms necessary for jazz, create a matrix of geometric shapes up and down the guitar fret-board. Shaun has spent the last two decades translating jazz chords and scales into patterns and shapes on the guitar fret-board. He is able to use the geometric shapes of the guitar fret-board as a tool for the expression for the theoretical elements found in jazz music. All of the musical study that Shaun has done stems from his love of jazz music and the emotion it evokes. Guitar greats such as Wes Montgomery and Pat Martino, and jazz legends like John Coltrane and Miles Davis, have provided him with endless inspiration for the continuation of his musical career.


  1. Guitar
  2. Commercial Music
  3. Jazz
  4. Rock and Roll
  5. Blues
  6. Jazz Theory
  7. Jazz Improvisation