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Tim Z Hernandez
Associate Professor, Creative Writing

Timothy Hernandez’s current research, under the working title, All They Will Call You, has multiple components and goals. The first is to produce a book (non-fiction novel) based on the true account of the January 28, 1948 plane crash at Los Gatos Canyon in California. The incident, which killed 28 Mexican passengers (Braceros and otherwise) who were being deported from California to Mexico, was turned into a song by Woody Guthrie, and recorded by numerous popular artists, from Bob Dylan to Dolly Parton. Because this book is primarily research-based, it also includes the following goals: 1) To identify and gather documents, letters, and materials related to the crash, including locating the surviving family members of the 28 victims, 2) To document their testimonies in writing, video, audio and photographs, and 3) To digitally file and properly archive the research for future access. 4) When the research and book are completed, Hernandez plans to facilitate a number of national and local, public and University based events around the subject, as a means of generating dialogue around the subject. These opportunities will directly involve UTEP students, perhaps from various departments, playing a role in the overall coordination, as well as collaborative outside organization and institutions. In this regard, travel to readings and conferences, nationally and internationally, will continue to provide opportunities to build resources and support.


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