Xianyi Zeng

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Xianyi Zeng
Assistant Professor, Mathematical Sciences - Computational Science

I always have a passion for solving partial or stochastic differential equations that arise in emerging application areas using novel analytical or numerical tools. Particular problems that I am interested in include shock hydrodynamics, fluid-structure interaction, multi-material flows, and tumor growth modeling. While analytical approach is always my first choice of investigation, such as by proving the well-posedness of the mathematical model, computational methods are usually indispensable for solving these practically complex problems. To this end, I am also an expert in high-performance computing related to numerical simulation of physical and engineering systems.I am well prepared to achieve my research goals. Particularly, the undergraduate study at Peking University provided me solid mathematical background, the graduate study at Stanford University brought me to the frontier of computational mathematics, and the postdoctoral training at Duke University got me familiarized with cutting-edge high-performance computing technologies.Currently, I focus on three research subjects: firstly, a novel superconvergent hybrid-variable discretization framework for hyperbolic and parabolic partial differential equations; secondly, a computational framework for multi-physics problems that involve more than two mutually different physical entities; and finally, a mathematical and numerical model for tumor growth prediction as well as associated treatment plan studies.


  1. Numerical partial differential equations
  2. Hyperbolic conservation law
  3. Multi-physics computation
  4. Reduced-order modeling
  5. Tumor growth modeling
  6. High-performance computing.