Extreme Heat & Health: Prevention, Mitigation, and Resilience in Paso del Norte Region
Wednesday, May 24, 2017 - 09:00 - 13:00

Certain conditions and social factors of our population increase the susceptibility and vulnerability to extreme heat impacts such as age, health status, disability, pregnancy, immigration status, income, occupation, housing conditions and location, transportation challenges, etc. Physicians, teachers, nurses, decision makers, community leaders, and Promotores would learn information to help implement actions to protect these vulnerable populations, especially in at-risk neighborhoods and in rural and isolated communities.

Please distribute the poster freely to your contacts in: academia, health departments, health care, child and family services, city, county, health departments, environmental, education, housing development, transportation, community leaders, foundations, etc.

HUB Technology Center in Ciudad Juarez- Ave. Lopez Mateos 924 (antiguo Consulado de EU). Live broadcast in two sites in El Paso: UTEP College of Health Sciences R384 and Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center, MEB Room #1140.
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Patricia Juarez-Carrillo