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First Known Photos of ‘Lost Bird’ Captured by UTEP Scientists

For the first time, scientists have captured photos of a bird long thought lost....

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Department of Energy Leaders Visit Campus, Share More About Research Partnerships

Leaders from the Office of Science and the National Laboratories Leadership Council...

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UTEP Celebrates Advanced Manufacturing and Aerospace Center Construction Milestone

The new $80 million Advanced Manufacturing and Aerospace Center (AMAC) on campus is...

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UTEP Ranked 6th in World for Real Estate Research

The University of Texas at El Paso is home to some of the top real estate...

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UTEP Researchers Win Inaugural Award to Support Lithium Extraction Technology

A group of researchers at The University of Texas at El Paso are behind an emerging...

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UTEP, PNNL Partner to Train Cybersecurity Hydropower Experts

Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) has established the Training Outreach...

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UTEP Wins Inaugural NSF Regional Innovation Engines Award for up to $15M Over Two Years

The U.S. National Science Foundation today announced that El Paso and The University...

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Natalia Villanueva Rosales

Dr. Villanueva Rosales' research aims to improve the...

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The Cyber-ShARE Center of Excellence's mission is to...

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Welcome to the UTEP Neuroscience...

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