GIST Community meeting
Friday, April 8, 2016 - 12:00

We have three things to discuss:
ESRI’s future plans. Some of Craig Tweedie’s staff went to the ESRI Developer’s conference a couple of weeks ago. There are major changes afoot that we should all be aware of. The rise of cloud computing and other distributed solutions means an ESRI move away from Desktop solutions. Ryan Cody is going to brief us on the directions they are going.
Given #1, it has implications for our own infrastructure. Craig’s group, in particular, has aging servers that they are looking to replace, and want to open a discussion about shared infrastructure (see extended comment from Ryan below).
Progress on the new Geospatial Training lab in Prospect Hall, being funded by a STARS grant to Jay Chakraborty. We hope this will open before fall semester. Jay wants to update you on progress. Since this will be a shared university resource, he also would like to solicit ideas from you regarding specialized software or other instruments that he can consider for the lab.

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