Our Global Reach: How international connections invigorate research and teaching
Tuesday, April 4, 2017 - 10:00

The Global Reach community of practice aspires to advance UTEP's commitment to scholarly and creative activities by institutionalizing best practices in extending our global reach to enhance student learning, promote faculty development, and support research partnerships. In this session, we will host a panel discussion on partnerships with foreign colleagues and institutions in the pursuit of excellence in research that also advances learning both in and outside the classroom. Panelists will also discuss how UTEP can better serve faculty and students in these types of endeavors. Featured panelists are Drs. Bill Hargrove, Taeko Hiroi, Stacey Sowards, and Nigel Ward.
Contact: Dr. Gaspare Genna (ggenna@utep.edu)

Union East, Acacia Room #102A
Event Capacity: