Training to be an Interdisciplinary Researcher: What project leads and students can teach each other
Tuesday, April 4, 2017 - 15:00

The Interdisciplinary Research and Education (IDRE) community of practice aspires to be a vibrant, supportive community focused on expanding our knowledge base and skills for effectively leading IDRE, and providing access to best practices, methods, and tools that facilitate successful IDRE. In this session, we will host a panel discussion around the varied aspects of training that lead to improved learning outcomes and team effectiveness. Faculty and student interdisciplinary researchers will discuss ways that they have reached a higher level of engagement and productivity in their respective teams by utilizing such strategies as peer mentoring/cohorts, modeling of IDRE with graduate student researchers, student-led video presentations, collaborative technology, and creating environments that balance risks. Featured panelists include Drs. Kristin Gosselink, Eddie Castaneda, Katja Michael, Elsa Villa, and Jessica Shenberger-Trujillo. Students on the panel include Gabriel Frietze and Rosa Perez. Contact: Andrea Tirres (altirres2@utep.edu)

Union East, University Suite #312
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