COURI Summer Symposium 2018
Saturday, August 4, 2018 - 10:00 - 14:30

Over 150 undergraduate students will be presenting the results of their summer work at the COURI Summer Symposium. These presenters have conducted research, scholarly or creative projects with faculty from 21 departments in a diversity of disciplines including art, music, philosophy, health sciences, natural sciences, social sciences, education and engineering. Over a third of the students come from other US and international institutions, funded by UTEP federal grants or by their own institutions.
This summer, instead of a single speaker, the symposium will feature a panel of three outstanding UTEP alumni who participated in research or scholarly projects as undergraduates, and who are now excelling as graduate students or postdocs at other institutions.
Faculty and non-presenting students are encouraged to attend. See what you could be doing as a mentor or an apprentice, and learn about what talented undergraduate students from UTEP, from other mainland U.S. and Puerto Rico institutions and from other countries are discovering and creating on our campus. The event is also open to the general public.

Student Development
Undergraduate Learning Center
Event Contact Point: 
Lourdes Echegoyen