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Ian A. Mendez
Assistant Professor, Pharmacy

Dr. Mendez has over 15 year of experience working in Cellular and Behavioral Neuroscience, and through excellent mentorship, has acquired the technical expertise, research knowledge, and problem-solving abilities necessary to address exciting and novel research questions. The primary aim of the Mendez Laboratory is to elucidate the signals and circuits of the brain that become dysregulated following repeated exposure to rewards and how these changes ultimately contribute to changes in motivational, hedonic, and cognitive processes. Recent experiments have investigated aberrant reward seeking and taking behaviors, impaired economic cost-benefit decision making, and how brain reward systems interact with metabolic mechanisms to promote feeding disorders and obesity. These processes are relevant to a myriad of psychiatric disorders, with particularly strong implications for addiction. Dr. Mendez's research team investigates these conditions by utilizing experimental methods in biology, pharmacology, behavior, genetics, and neurochemistry. The Mendez Lab is also interested in establishing excellence in research training for students and Dr. Mendez provided hands-on training in the laboratory to over 30 undergraduate and graduate students. Overall, the goal of the Mendez Laboratory is to maintain a productive and collaborative research environment, with a particular focus on enhancing student training opportunities.


  1. Neuroscience
  2. Behavior
  3. Psychology
  4. Pharmacology
  5. Reward
  6. Motivation
  7. Decision-Making