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Amelia D Greig
Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering

Dr. Amelia Greig is an assistant professor in Mechanical Engineering at The University of Texas in El Paso (UTEP), where she leads the electric propulsion and small satellite programs through the Center for Aerospace and Exploration Technology Research (cSETR). Currently, Dr. Greig is developing plasma electrothermal and electrospray thrusters for small spacecraft, with a focus on satellite integration considerations and effects of the thruster plume on other satellite sub-systems. Studies on thruster materials, geometry, and low temperature plasma behaviour help to improve thruster performance. Investigations into a plasma-based, atmosphere breathing electric propulsion system for Mars and Titan are also showing promise.The small satellite program in cSETR is focused on-orbit manufacturing, robotics, and propulsion system technology demonstrations. The first UTEP satellite OF-2 containing a 3D printer for an on-orbit manufacturing demonstration was deployed into orbit in January 2020, with communications established the same day. Future satellite activities include demonstrations of new communications technology, studies of the Earth radiation environment, and a 3-axis robotic arm.Originally from a small town in a rural community in Tasmania, Australia, Dr. Greig is especially passionate about public outreach and encouraging students, especially underrepresented groups, to pursue careers in the technical sciences.


  1. New Space
  2. Small Satellites
  3. Electric Propulsion
  4. Low Temperature Plasma
  5. Satellite Integration and Testing
  6. Space Environments