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Md Nurunnabi
Assistant Professor, Pharmacy

Dr. Nurunnabi is a translational scientist, obtained training in both academic and industrial research alone with founding biomedical and biotechnology start-ups. He started his tenure track faculty position at UTEP from fall 2019. He brings to UTEP a research and teaching background in bioengineering, biomaterials, and drug delivery. He is interested in developing vehicles (nanoparticles, peptide and antibody mediated) for improving cellular and sub-cellular uptake of the therapeutics. The objective of his research is to maximizing therapeutic effects and minimize off-targeting mediated toxicity by increasing therapeutic concentration within the disease area. His laboratory further uses molecular imaging technology to be able to track bio-distribution of the administered therapeutics non-invasively which is widely known as "TheraNostic" and "image guided therapy". The key strength of his laboratory is to understand the interface between materials and biological molecules and to address the existing barriers and unmet needs for better management of patients in clinic. The Nurunnabi lab utilizes the knowledge and expertise of material, engineering, chemistry and biology to come up with a feasible solution which is translational yet interdisciplinary.
Prior to UTEP, Dr. Nurunnabi completed a postdoctoral fellowship at Harvard University. He is currently on the Early Career Editorial Board for the ACS Biomaterials Science & Engineering journal, and serving as editor of the biomaterials book series published by Elsevier. Dr. Nurunnabi has published more than 40 peer-reviewed journal articles, 10 book chapters, edited 2 books, inventor of 10 patents. He has been also involved in founding start-ups in South Korea and USA that resulted in translating his research from laboratory to industry.


  1. Biomaterials
  2. Drug delivery
  3. Bio-nanomaterials
  4. Image guided therapy


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