Tawanda Chabikwa

Liberal Arts Building
El Paso Texas, 79968
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Tawanda Tawanda Chabikwa
Assistant Professor, Theatre and Dance
Coordinator, Department Library Liaison

My current research lays the ontological and epistemological groundwork for an Africanist and diasporic orientation to experimental dance performance, pedagogic research, and artificial intelligence development. The research develops a theoretical lexicon with which to teach, understand, and analyze the above by investigating the possibilities, imperatives, and agendas of Black/Africana collaborative and creative praxes in Black lifeworlds globally. Recognition of the prevalence of narratives that have been subsumed by colonial perceptual inertia and the tyranny of Europeanist conceptual and analytical frameworks, this work concerns with self-crafting--a notion subtending from three concepts: wor(l)ding, diunital logic, and the extended self. I draw evidence and data from colonial archival representations of Afrikan peoples, from collaborative engagements with Black Africana artists, technologist, scientists and entrepreneurs--alongside auto-ethnographic exploration of my own praxis as an embodied, interdisciplinary scholar devoted practice-as-research methodologies.


  1. Dance Studies and Africana Studies
  2. Black Performance Theory
  3. Africana Cosmologies and Ontologies
  4. Practice-as-research in the Africana Visual and Performing Arts
  5. Histories of African Liberation Struggles
  6. Popular African Cultures
  7. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in Africana lifeworlds.