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Stacy A Wagovich
Associate Professor, Speech Language and Hearing Sciences
Associate Dean, Academic and Faculty Affairs, College of Health Sciences

Dr. Wagovich’s primary area of expertise is in childhood fluency disorders and the interactions between language, cognitive factors, and fluency across populations. She has also explored the development of partial word knowledge in children with developmental language disorders. Her current projects focus on mental state verb use in early childhood, as well as the facilitation of expository discourse skills in children with and without developmental language disorders. Many of Dr. Wagovich’s studies have employed language samples, as an ecologically valid way to characterize children’s expressive language. Through language sample analysis, her group explores not only children’s language skills but disfluencies or speech disruptions, as an index of cognitive, linguistic, or motor challenges that children face.


  1. Fluency
  2. Stuttering
  3. Vocabulary
  4. Lexical development
  5. Language sample analysis
  6. Vocabulary measurement
  7. Expository discourse
  8. Developmental language disorders