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Entrepreneurship Community of Practice -- Roshelly Paliza

Roshelly Paliza
500 W University Ave, El Paso, TX 79968

Entrepreneurship Community of Practice -- Felipa Solis

Felipa Solis
El Paso Herald-Post Bio
6557 N Mesa St, El Paso, TX 79912
Brief Bio: 
Felipa is a graduate of the University of Texas at El Paso with a Bachelor’s Degree in Liberal Arts, and continues to volunteer with organizations throughout the community including the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure, the Plaza Classic Film Festival and the El Paso Humane Society. Along with the El Paso Community Foundation, her family has established the Mickey Solis Scholarship Fund for students at Jefferson High School in honor of her late husband. She has been named the Humanitarian of the year by the League of United Latin American Citizens for 2014. Felipa Solis is also a voting member of the Broadcast Film Critics Association . Her love of the arts was instilled early on as her father, the late choreographer Antonio Triana took Felipa to soundstages while growing up in Hollywood, California. Her 24 year old son Gabriel, is a graduate Magna Cum Laude of Loyola University in Chicago. He is preparing to launch his studies for a Master’s Degree at the University of Texas at El Paso.



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UTEP’s Entrepreneurship Community of Practice (ECoP) is composed of educators, practitioners, and innovators advancing entrepreneurship education, startup company formation, intellectual property management, and/or research. The ECoP works to track, unify, and promote entrepreneurship endeavors and resources on campus, such as courses, workshops, programming, and centers. The ECoP seeks to leverage the entrepreneurial capabilities in research, education, and commercialization and cross-promote resources.


The Entrepreneurship Community of Practice aspires to enrich educational experiences related to entrepreneurship and to more generally contribute to a regional culture of innovation. The ECoP will clearly articulate UTEP’s vision of entrepreneurship to connect local, national, and international industry and institutions with campus expertise. The UTEP Entrepreneurship Community of Practice aspires to: 1. Lead and Unify, Across the Community - Be the “One-Stop-Shop” for leadership, information, support, services, education and funding focused on Joint Research, Education, and Development in the arenas of Entrepreneurship and Innovation. 2. Furnish End-to-End, Persistent Infrastructure - Create, operate, and evolve a support infrastructure that guides and assists research faculty and students from end-to-end in ideation, through development, to commercialization of Intellectual Property, that results in new business creation, licensing opportunities, and enhanced follow-on research/funding opportunities. 3. Develop and Recommend Facilitating Policy - Embody its best practices and developments in written policy that is embrace, espoused, articulated, funded and developed by our President, her administration, and the campus at large, and 4. Inform and Advise form a position of unique Expertise - Inform the local Administration and campus community, local and regional business community, and ultimately the national governmental/business forum on finer aspects of Entrepreneurship and Innovation that are unique to the border region encompassed and influenced by the University.


  1. Commercialization
  2. Entrepreneurship
  3. Innovation


Cox, Marc
School of Pharmacy - Pharmacy
Community Engaged Scholarship, Community Engagement, Service Learning, Capacity Building, Community Partnerships, steroid hormone receptor, heat shock protein, chaperone, prostate cancer, androgen, endocrine disruption, estrogen, cancer, faculty governance, faculty development
Featured: Awards

Business Administration - Mike Loya Center for Innovation and Commerce
Entrepreneurship, IT, Business Planing, Finance, Innovation, International Relations, I-Corps.

Engineering - Engineering Education and Leadership
Musculobiomechanics, Computational Biomechanics, Development of Low Cost Prosthetic Devices, Engineering Education
Featured: Awards

Science - Biological Sciences
Sympathetic nervous system, Neuroscience, Aging, Sympathoimmune, Central nervous system
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Assistant Professor of Instruction
Liberal Arts - Music
Russian Music, Early Music, Musical Modernism, 19th-Century Music, 20th-century Music, Alexander Scriabin, Entrepreneur, Entrepreneurship


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The University of Texas at El Paso
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El Paso Herald-Post Bio

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