Eli Greenbaum

Biology Building (Engineering and Sciences Complex)
El Paso Texas, 79968
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Eli Greenbaum
Professor, Biological Sciences - Environmental Science (College of Science)
Director, UTEP Biodiversity Collections

The rapidly emerging field of molecular systematics is central to Dr. Greenbaum's research program. His interests are on utilizing phylogenies to test biogeographic hypotheses within a statistical and evolutionary framework. Other related biological phenomena can be addressed with this systematic focus, including morphological and behavioral character evolution, species boundaries, and identification of ancient, unique lineages that are in need of conservation. Dr. Greenbaum's research interests are equally divided among examination of specimens in collections, laboratory investigations, and fieldwork. An amalgamation of these approaches bridge traditional morphological taxonomy with molecular data and utilize behavioral and ecological observations made in the field. Dr. Greenbaum will concentrate his fieldwork efforts in areas of Central and East Africa that (1) have little or no representative specimen and tissue collections; (2) have experienced severe deforestation such that it is imperative to collect tissues before species become extinct; and (3) occur at the intersection of key biogeographic areas so that tissue samples for hypothesis testing can be collected.


  1. Evolutionary genetics
  2. Herpetology
  3. Amphibian
  4. Reptile
  5. Central Africa
  6. Systematics
  7. Taxonomy