Wen-Yee Lee

Chemistry and Computer Science Building
El Paso Texas, 79968
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Wen-Yee Lee
Professor, Chemistry and Biochemistry - Environmental Science and Engineering

Dr. Wen-Yee Lee studies organic pollutants in the environment, and their impacts on human health. Her research area is a unique field in the chemistry department, and is in line with the university’s vision in interdisciplinary research. In addition, Dr. Lee investigates the urinary metabolites in cancer patients to detect prostate and kidney cancers. She collaborates with clinical researchers and statisticians to develop a tool that has great potential to provide a sensitive and cost effective method for cancer diagnosis. The outcome of her research could address the urgent problem of over-diagnosis and over-treatment in prostate cancer. The tool could also be a powerful early detection method for urological cancers.Dr. Lee was the recipient for the US-Mexico Faculty Collaboration Fellowship awarded by the Office of the President. Dr. Lee is committed to advancing environmental research on a binational scale and she will continue to strengthen the collaboration between UTEP and UACH.


  1. Analytical method development
  2. Wastewater Organic Pollutants
  3. Environmental Endocrine Disruptor
  4. Gas Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry
  5. Urinary organic metabolites
  6. Cancer diagnosis