Rosa Maldonado

Bioscience Research Building
El Paso Texas, 79968
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Rosa A Maldonado
Professor, Biological Sciences
Director, Microbiology program

The focus of Dr. Maldonado's research is on developing novel immune- and chemotherapy approaches to treat Chagas disease and Leishmaniasis. In this regard, Dr. Maldonado embraced molecular, cellular and biochemical methodologies to characterize and validate potential drug targets, as well as the development of high-throughput systems for drug screening. Her research involves in vitro and in vivo testing, using the murine models for Chagas disease and cutaneous leishmaniasis. Other focus of her research involve community engagement and surveillance of Chagas Disease El Paso and surrounding areas.


  1. Molecular Biology
  2. Chemotherapy of infectious diseases
  3. High Throughout Drug Screening
  4. Vaccine Development
  5. Parasitology
  6. Chagas Disease
  7. Cutaneous leishmaniasis. Community Engament
  8. Epidemiology of Chagas Disease in Texas.