Digital Imaging and Analysis System

Digital Imaging and Analysis System
Inventors: Craig Tweedie, Emmanuel Ochoa, Geovany Ramirez, Gesuri Ramirez
Patent No. 10,218,883

This patent application embodies a rugged camera and environmental sensory suite.

A digital imaging and analysis system and method. The digital cameras and logger is encased by a weatherproof housing for easy deployment and maintenance of the camera and logger and protection from harsh conditions. The digital camera is associated with a memory to which imagery acquired by the digital camera is saved. The digital camera and logger can be customized and pre-programmed and the imagery subject to custom visualization. Sensors are electronically associated with the digital camera and are triggered to permit the digital camera to acquire the imagery and image the same image footprint in RGB, HSV, l*a*b* color spaces. Selectable regions of interest with respect to the imagery are saved in the memory.

Issue Date: 02/26/2019
Application Date: 07/06/2016
Post Date: 05/08/2018

UTEP Docket No: 2015-051