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UTEP’s Community of Engaged Scholars (CES) is made up of faculty members and community leaders who are actively involved with the scholarship of engagement, which includes teaching, research, and/or service activities. Housed within UTEP’s Center for Civic Engagement (CCE), the CES offers a networking base that helps connect faculty and students with community partners to conduct enhanced student learning and research activities aimed at serving the Paso Del Norte region. The CES initiative is led by Azuri Gonzalez, Dr. Mark Lusk, and Dr. Elena Izquierdo.


CES members aspire to foster stronger, more socially magnanimous relationships among faculty, students, and community partners in a supportive community-enhancing environment.


  1. Capacity Building
  2. Community Engaged Scholarship
  3. Community Engagement
  4. Community Partnership
  5. Service Learning


  1. Education for the 21st Century Demographic


Center/Other Units - Center for Civic Engagement
Capacity-building, Civic Engagement, Community Engaged Scholarship, community engagement, Community Partnerships, nonprofits

Associate Professor
Education - Teacher Education
Policy in Dual Language Schooling,Contrastive Analysis and Second Language Acquisition,Bilingual Education,Socio Cultural Competence,Leadership in Dual Language Education,biliteracy

Lusk, Mark
Health Sciences - Social Work
border health, Community Engaged Scholarship, international development, migration, Social work
Featured: Awards

Wagler, Amy
Associate Professor
Science - Mathematical Sciences
bias reduction and small sample size adjustments in generalized linear models settings, generalized linear mixed models, language and culture in statistics education, latent variable models, multiple comparisons, readability of instructional materials, simultaneous inference
Featured: Awards

Associate Professor
Liberal Arts - English
bilingual workplace communication, community engagement, community writing, language attitudes, mentoring Latinas/os in education, workplace writing
Featured: Awards

Related Efforts

Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning (CETaL) -- Sun Conference
Contact: Larry Lesser

This year's conference includes a section on connecting education and civic engagement, educational partnerships that cross national boundaries, and instructional methods that are adaptive and/or less bound by books or buildings.

Philosophy for Children in the Mexico-US Borderlands

Hosted by the UTEP Department of Philosophy, this is an initiative dedicated to promoting philosophical dialogue for children and youth in the El Paso area. Our program involves collaboration between local teachers, UTEP students and professors, as well as several dedicated community partners.

Related Communities

CUE- Community University Engagement
UTEP Resource
Related Effort: Community of Engaged Scholars
Azuri Gonzalez

Visit the CUE to view community partnering agencies and to identify community needs to address. Students, staff and faculty are encouraged to partner with community organizations to help identify needs and the volunteers to help meet them.

Community organizations may individually manage their agency profiles.
CUE system also assists with an internal tool to manage service-learning courses, placements and the tracking of hours.

UTEP Center for Civic Engagement

The CCE fulfills its mission through a number of collaborations, partnerships, and programs. Our programs are designed to engage students and faculty with the community in hands-on, learning experiences that serve community needs.

UTEP Community and Academic Partnerships for Health Science Research (CAPHSR)

We, as the partnership, began to invite UTEP grad students (health sciences) and community members who were interested in participation. We also began to explore opportunities for community-engaged education opportunities. We began to align our work with the Healthy People 2020 initiative.

El Paso Parks & Recreation Department

El Paso Parks & Recreation is a proud community partner with the CES. The CES and UTEP work closely with Mr. David Lopez, Senior Division Coordinator. The purpose of the Parks and Recreation Department is to provide indoor and outdoor leisure services to persons of all ages so they can develop skills, socialize, experience nature, relax and live a healthier lifestyle.


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Communities have access to IBM SmartCloud, a tool that provides a Cloud Computing solution for sharing files, defining activities, creating blogs, developing wikis, and promoting ideas. To request an account and training on IBM SmartCloud, contact econnect@utep.edu.

This community engages in dialog as follows: