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The Cyber-Security Community connects UTEP faculty and professional staff who have expertise and knowledge in cyber-security or in adjacent competencies. It enables faculty, staff and students to explore new ideas, solve challenging problems, identify new opportunities, and disseminate shared knowledge and resources. In addition, the community allows its members to exchange information by providing access to news, events, publications, and efforts in the area of cyber-security.


The Cyber-Security Community aspires to build the assets and capabilities in cybersecurity at UTEP that can lead to significant Texas-based educational and research initiatives. In addition to pursuing interdisciplinary and collaborative funding opportunities that align with local, state and national needs, the community will contribute to the University of Texas System Cyber-Security initiatives. The Community will also seek to raise awareness about cyber-security and inspire students to engage with key questions in the field.


  1. Border Security
  2. Cyber-Physical Systems
  3. Cyber-Security
  4. Secure Software Systems


  1. Biotechnology & Nanotechnology
  2. Cross-cutting: Cyberinfrastructure and Collaborative
  3. Cross-cutting: Emerging Technologies
  4. Health and Biomedical Sciences and Engineering
  5. Education for the 21st Century Demographic
  6. Energy and Environment
  7. Global Enterprise and Border Studies
  8. National Defense and Border Security


Associate Professor
Engineering - Computer Science
cyber security, Engineering Education, Formal Methods, Software Engineering, Software Engineering Process, Software Quality Assurance
Featured: Awards

Associate Professor
Science - Mathematical Sciences
Classification Problems, L1-Optimization, Linear and Nonlinear Programming, Model Order Reduction
Featured: Awards

Center/Other Units - Research and Sponsored Projects (Office of)
Cyber-security, factor analysis, PHP, R, spatial analysis, supercomputing

Engineering - Computer Science
continuous constraint solving, global optimization, interval computations, multi-criteria decision making
Featured: Awards

Associate Professor
Engineering - Computer Science
formal specification, programming languages, programming techniques, software development tools, software testing, Verification and Validation

Related Efforts

Center for Information Assurance
UTEP Related Effort
Contact: Luc Longpré

The Center for Information Assurance was formed on January 14, 2009. The mission of the center shall be to promote education and research in information assurance, computer security, and related fields at The University of Texas at El Paso. The Center has a portfolio of research projects in such areas as privacy-preserving databases and authentication and trust in distributed systems.

Fiber Optics and Applied Communications Project
UTEP Related Effort
Funding: NASA

Develop solutions to problems in diverse areas by the application of communication technologies (Optical communications, optical sensors, wireless sensor networks, power smartgrid, robotics).

National Security Studies Institute
UTEP Related Effort
Funding: Defense Intelligence Agency
Contact: Larry Valero

The National Security Studies Institute – An Intelligence Community Center for Academic Excellence (IC CAE) is dedicated to the concept of advancing intelligence and security education for the purpose of providing for the national security of the United States.

Center for Intelligence and Security Research
UTEP Related Effort
Contact: Larry Valero

The Center for Intelligence and Security Research (CISR) is a ground-breaking university think tank designed for facilitating faculty and student research that is specifically relevant to the missions of the U.S. Intelligence Community.

Secure Cyber-Systems track in the MS Software Engineering Program
UTEP Resource
Salamah Salamah

Students earning a M.S. in Software Engineering can select a concentration in Secure Cyber-Systems by taking a set of courses with significant computer security content.

Secure Cyber-Systems track in the BS Computer Science Program
UTEP Resource
Salamah Salamah

Students earning a B.S. in Computer Science can select a concentration in Secure Cyber-Systems by taking a set of courses with significant computer security content.

Graduate Certificate in Cyber-Security
UTEP Resource
Salamah Salamah

The Graduate Certificate in Cyber-Security is designed for students and practitioners who already hold a baccalaureate or graduate degree and are interested in further professional education in this field.

Intelligence and National Security Studies Program
UTEP Resource
Larry Valero

The Intelligence and National Security Studies Program aims to develop eligible talent with competencies essential to the mission of the United States Intelligence Community and the National Security Enterprise. The program promotes a highly competitive and ethnically diverse student body who possess an understanding of complex national security issues, critical thinking skills and analytic aptitude, cultural awareness, and strategic language proficiency.


I3 Move Communities provide a way to share expertise, resources, and community information to the general public. There are numerous tools available, both open source and proprietary, for engaging in dialog and sharing information and knowledge within a closed group.

Communities have access to IBM SmartCloud, a tool that provides a Cloud Computing solution for sharing files, defining activities, creating blogs, developing wikis, and promoting ideas. To request an account and training on IBM SmartCloud, contact econnect@utep.edu.

This community engages in dialog as follows:

University of Texas System Cyber Strategic Initiative Community