Arshad Khan

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El Paso Texas, 79968
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Arshad M. Khan
Professor, Biological Sciences
Undergraduate Coordinator, Co-Director, Undergraduate Neuroscience Baccalaureate Program

Dr. Khan studies the neural systems that regulate energy balance, neuroendocrine function and behavioral state in the mammalian brain. He is particularly interested in how neural circuits in the hypothalamus are organized, how they help control motivated behaviors and autonomic function, and how they respond to changes in nutrient status (e.g., hypoglycemia). A major goal of his laboratory is to map these circuits using atlas-based approaches and to functionally interrogate them using chemical and gene-based targeting.He also collaborates on neuroinformatics and computer science projects related to the modeling, management, and migration of neuroscientific data about these circuits. As part of his interests in mechanisms underlying nutrient homeostasis, he also maintains an active research interest in the history of neurochemistry and thermodynamics. Finally, he also has a strong research interest in comparative neurobiology and genomics. As part of his strong commitment to classroom and laboratory instruction in the life sciences (biology, biochemistry, neuroscience) at the university level, he also collaborates on science education studies and training initiatives to improve undergraduate and graduate student learning outcomes and to instill equity in educational practices, especially for STEM students within underrepresented minorities.


  1. Systems neuroscience
  2. Neuroscience education
  3. Feeding control systems
  4. Hypothalamic function
  5. Functional neuroanatomy
  6. Glucosensing networks
  7. Brain mapping
  8. Brain atlas development